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Cosmic Treats with a cosmic treat

If you happen to be in Kensington Market in Toronto – or just looking for some amazing vegan junk food (and lets be honest, most of us are, frequently) then you’ve gotta check out Cosmic Treats.

Lunch at Cosmic Treats!

Two weeks ago, my partner and I planned a lunch date at Cosmic Treats to celebrate the end of the academic semester and the beginning of our holiday breaks. I’d heard of this restaurant previously but had never had the time to try it, so he suggested we go. He’d been there previously, for reference.

Cosmic Treats opened in 2015 and since has won both the 2016 and 2017 Toronto Veggie Award for “Best Vegan Ice Cream” in the city. Their motto is “We Eat Dessert First” and if that doesn’t intrigue you just a little bit… then I don’t know what will.

Chick’n Caesar Wrap – my lunch choice

We didn’t eat dessert first – but we sure got dessert afterward. They have a lunch special during the week where you can get a sandwich/wrap with a cookie, or you can upgrade it to a slice of cheesecake for $5. As somebody who hadn’t had cheesecake in quite some time, it was a very pleasant addition to the meal.

My lunch choice had been the Chick’n Caesar Wrap – the dressing was creamy, the lettuce was crunchy, and the texture of the chick’n itself and the crunch of its coating was the perfect combination and brought back memories of eating chicken caesar wraps when I was a kid. It was very nostalgic but just as amazing as ever. My cookie of choice had been the oatmeal chocolate chip, and of all the cookies I’ve ever had in my life, it was easily one of the best. For starters, it was enormous, but it was also AMAZING soft and chewy and could rival any omnivore’s cookie of choice!

Me enjoying my cookie. My partner thought he was being hilarious with this “Cosmic Treats with a cosmic treat” – jokes on him, he’s always hilarious!

And before I forget to mention it, we also enjoyed an appetizer before out meal! The deep-fried mac and cheese balls!!!!!

I’ve never tasted anything quite like this before. It was creamy and decadent and the crunch of the coating was perfect – but the flavour combinations were also really unique. We asked our server what they used in the recipe because to me it resembled mustard – and he of course couldn’t share the recipe with us for obvious reasons – so whatever you’re doing with this recipe Cosmic Treats, keep doing it!!

The lunch and appetizer were both AMAZING. But the cheesecake… it was something else.

I didn’t get to eat the entire thing, since my partner had ordered it – but I would have if I could have. It wasn’t TOO sweet, which has always been my problem with many desserts, but it was just sweet enough.

Of the two cheesecake options – Chocolate Peanut Butter and Blueberry – my partner chose the Blueberry (and knowing him, this was expected). It was also served with a small scoop of their vanilla ice cream.

The portions weren’t too much, the prices were extremely reasonable, and the staff they had working at the time was so kind and accommodating and was happy to offer any information he could about their products and the company as a whole.

The atmosphere was interesting because the interior resembles a vintage diner of sorts, when what they’re doing with their food is very modern and revolutionary.

Beside their restaurant, you can also come in and just buy a cookie, an ice cream cone, or an ice cream cookie sandwich. They also sell chocolate and candy, other sweets, and hot chocolate.

And absolutely everything is vegan.

I would absolutely come back here for even just the cookie alone. That sealed the deal for me, on top of everything else.

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