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Boon Burger’s 100% Plant Based Menu

This past weekend I visited one of Boon Burger’s 6 locations for a late lunch on my back to Toronto from St Catharines – specifically, their Burlington location.  This was my first time eating at the restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed.

My partner and I both love food.  A lot of what we do together is eat – and while we have some favourite locations, we both really love trying new restaurants and new food, because we love supporting creative vegan businesses that cultivate delicious, unique plant-based food.

The Greek Almighty Burger – a grilled chick’n patty with tomatoes, cucumbers, tzatziki, red onion, olive tapenade, cheeze and lettuce with house sauce on a soft whole wheat bun.

Boon Burger features 30 burgers on their menu with 4 different patties, each of which you can swap in every burger to customize to your liking.  Most of the patties are bean/legume based (the word “boon” means bean in Afrikaans – one of the owners hails from South Africa), and they are all soy and gluten free, as well as oil free.  You can customize your toppings to your liking, and add a salad, fries, poutine or chili fries to your order as a great addition to your meal.

Boon Burger’s ordering process is unique – you order and pay first, after which they give you a little plastic animal corresponding to your order – I got a shark and my partner got a little piggy.  They deliver your order to you according to the animal you were given with payment.

I ordered the Greek Almighty burger without a side because I’d eaten a few too many doughnuts in St Catharines, but the salty olive tapenade and smooth tzatziki on the chickpea based chick’n burger was exactly what I wanted.  Their whole wheat buns are also amazingly light and soft – so many whole wheat vegan buns I’ve had have been a little too dense for my liking, but Boon Burger definitely does theirs right.

My partner opted for the Buffalo Caesar pizza himself, which features chick’n, bacun, marinara, hot sauce, fresh greens and cheeze on a crispy thin crust.  They may be known for their burgers, but Boon definitely does pizza right (I have always been partial to thin crust pizza personally)!

My partner looking at his Buffalo Caesar pizza in mouth watering amazement before the first bite of this pie.

They have 4 varieties of pizza on their menu, as well as a handful of poutines, salads, hotdogs, and shareable apps – plus some ice cream based desserts that looked amazing (which I would have loved to have tried had I not already put myself into sugar overload the day and morning previously).

Boon Burger originated in Winnipeg 8 years ago, and has since opened 5 additional locations in Southern Ontario (Guelph, Burlington, Hamilton, Barrie, and Oakville) – adding to what is becoming a hub of Vegan food in the Greater Toronto Area – to which I have no complaints.  Half of those they serve also happen to NOT be vegan or plant based – which just goes to show how great and satisfying their food actually is, for everybody.

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the restaurant again and trying a poutine and ice cream.  Their staff were also amazing and welcoming, which made the experience that much better.

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