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Kingston Veg Fest

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here last – but between being sick and dealing with life’s curve balls, it’s been hard to find the time.

That said, I want to make a more conscious effort to be more consistently active and present here.

So on that note, this past Saturday was Kingston Ontario’s very own Veg Fest!  The city hosts this event every year, but this year’s was definitely one of the best.  Hosted at St Lawrence College on Saturday October 20th from 11am to 4pm, we saw vendors from all over southern Ontario – from St. Catharines’ Rescue Dogs, to Ottawa’s Little Jo Berry’s Bakery, and many of Kingston’s own favourites (I’m looking at you Shiva’s Delights and Knifey + Spooney!) this was one of the event’s biggest and most successful years.

Apricot Bread from COBS Bread Bakery, located on Gardiner’s Road in Kingston, Ontario. Their featured poppy seed sample was also divine.

And of course, delicious.

Copper Branch – a small chain featuring restaurants across southern Ontario and Quebec – was the event’s main sponsor, and served their famous General Bowl at the event for only $10 that day, which you’d know is a steal if you’ve ever bought one at one of their locations!  Local vegan superstars Knifey and Spooney were also present at the event serving up some delicious creations – including a mouth watering mac and cheese.

Among the many local food favourites were also a number of business from out of town – many of which I ‘d wanted to try prior to finding out they were going to be at this event.  Sausage Party Toronto and Rescue Dogs both featured some fun DIY punk dogs with unique toppings like spicy kimchi, hickory sticks, and pulled jack-fruit (which, by the way, is indistinguishable from ACTUAL pulled pork).

Sausauge Party Toronto’s “Seoul Food” dog, featuring spicy kimchi, a hand crafted fennel dog and sesame!
The faces of Rescue Dogs (located in St Catharines) at Kingston Veg Fest – serving up delicious DIY punk dogs and sass.

Little Jo Berry’s Bakery was also a favourite of mine.  Their Lemon early grey scones were to die for, somehow being the perfect combination of dry and flaky and soft and moist all at the same time.  They also had some childhood favourites, like s’mores poptarts and cookie sandwiches.

The faces of Little Jo Berry’s.  You can find them regularly on Wellington Street West in Ottawa, Ontario.  They also do custom orders and serve coffee if you need a little pick me up while trying some delicious vegan treats.

There were so many amazing vendors here that it would be impossible to highlight each and every one of them, unfortunately – because they all deserve recognition for what they are doing for the community.  I was primarily there for the food, but there were a ton of amazing beauty companies, farm sanctuaries, and artists present as well.

A small portion of the amazing display that Shiva’s Delight set up for the event.

Living in Kingston, it’s not often I get to see so many people and businesses come together over vegan food, beauty products, health products, and ethical clothing, all in one place (not to mention all the fun vegan DIY punk stuff that I personally LOVE!).  The event even attracted many non-vegans – and events like this can be very influential for anyone considering veganism because they really show all of the sides of veganism – how fun beauty and taking care of yourself can be, and how amazing the vegan versions of all of your favourite foods really are.

In 2018, if you have the capacity to be vegan, there really isn’t any reason not to be.  There are exceptions for certain people, of course – veganism IS

And for those of you who are, thank you for doing what you can for the environment, for the animals, and for yourself.

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